Researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic
Development and testing of new material representations in computer graphics
with focus on light polarization


Head of Software-Engineering at Zuwalla GmbH, Altenrhein, Switzerland
Payload and sensor integration
Configuration of UAV ground control station
Real-time video-streaming with telemetry data from racing car (RCN,VLN)


Software-Engineer at Swiss UAV AG, Niederdorf, Switzerland
Payload and sensor integration
Development of simulations, tests, and libraries
Correspondence with suppliers and customers 


Graduate Trainee at HP Banking Service Center Bern, Liebefeld, Switzerland
Project tracking and controlling
Redesign and optimization of project controlling


Researcher at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Industrial project with Skoda (VRUT - Virtual Reality Universal Toolkit)


Civilian service at the Wohnheim Laubiberg, Liestal, Switzerland
Fostering of challenged individuals
Accompanying and supporting daily routines
Structuring of excursions and recreational activities 


Civilian service at the Ökozentrum Langenbruck, Langenbruck, Switzerland
Implementation of new web presence
Teaching at the Energie-Erlebnistage
Correspondence with local newspapers


Software-Engineer at Dybuster AG, Zürich
Involved in the development of Dybuster Coach
Maintaining existing Dybuster products

Customer contact and support


Co-founder and co-owner of Plirosoft AG, Zürich
Position as Software-Engineer
Responsible for the creation of white papers


Internship as Software-Engineer at IXOS AG, Basel, Switzerland
Development of a GUI prototype and binding to existing CMS


Civilian Service at the Alterszentrum Brugg, Brugg, Switzerland
Caretaking and maintenance 


Software-Engineer for the medical project AMIS at the University of Zürich
Development of GUIs used to collect patient data
Cornerstone for the founding of Plirosoft AG


Case handler at UBS AG, Basel, Switzerland
Verification of bank transactions
Introducing and teaching Microsoft EXCEL


Employed at the engineering office Alois Novosad
Drawing of construction plans using cadwork
Building of wooden models based on construction plans